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Hippocratic - "Oath Do no harm - The Earth is our homeland."

Sustainability means survival, livelihoods, and environmental services

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Responsible Travel Attributes
By choosing responsible travel, you can have the time of your life in salubrious natural settings, knowing that your enjoyment is building the mountain community, uplifting it to robustness and health and making possible meaningful livelihood options. Pinpoint the destination and all that it offers with care. The enjoyable experiences for you would mean more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local culture, and vital social and environmental issues. Ecotourism ventures in Himachal Pradesh enable you to:

Preserve & protect natural heritage—creating appreciation, education, awareness---there is exchange of knowledge and wisdom and mutual respect for local culture.
Helps de-congest overloaded tourist places.

You help promote community based upliftment with the benefits accruing to the local community holistically, with minimum negative impact to them, encouraging and supporting practices that are environmentally sensitive.

You make possible robust livelihood options and enable mountain homesteads/home-stays to thrive. You make possible financial benefits to accrue to the local community and you help local empowerment and decision making process to be fostered. You help build local pride and confidence and help access to industry.
You enable partnerships and participation to be factored in — interdepartmental, public - private, through non -    governmental organizations, community based organizations and the panchayati raj institutions.
You respect safeguards/regulations—this could be the capacity limit of a place, or doing environ-friendly activities that are not polluting, bring about sustainable land-use, do not deplete natural resources or alter natural ecosystems and do not adversely affect local culture, identity and values. You help generate healthy respect, avoiding issues of conflict, dispute or acrimony.

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